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Are you interested in helping ArtsLIVE! realize its mission and bring educational and inspiring performances to the Fredericksburg region?  Is there a particular event you would like to underwrite or a special program you would like to support?  Help us celebrate the performing arts!


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Dear Friends,

In June 2020, the Fredericksburg community lost Angus Muir, a true and steadfast patron of the performing arts and long-time physician who understood the uplifting power of the arts on one’s spirit.  He had been part of ArtsLIVE! almost from its inception and was instrumental in bringing the first Chamber Music Festival to the region.  As a member of the Board of Directors and a former President, he helped to shepherd the evolution of the original Fredericksburg Festival of the Arts to the present ArtsLIVE! He was among a handful of visionaries who saw the need to support performing arts in the region; and thirty-two years later, that little organization has grown from a purveyor of classical music to a promoter of instrumental and vocal music of all kinds, as well as theatre and dance.  We will miss his leadership and his ability to get things done with charm, a twinkle in his eye, and a hearty laugh.

Although Angus was involved in many charitable projects and nonprofits in the community and nationwide, he was dedicated to ArtsLIVE! and even in his absence wanted to continue to support its good work.  Therefore, his wife, Barbara, asks that if you would like to pay tribute to Angus’ memory, you may contribute to ArtsLIVE!

Your donations are, of course, tax deductible, and they will be acknowledged on the ArtsLIVE! website and in future public ations. You may mail checks payable to ArtsLIVE! at the address below or use the secure link below for credit card payments.