Young Artist Competition

2017 Competition

  • First Place Piano:  Philip Lambert, Piano
  • First Place Instrumental:  Brianna Fiegl, Violin
  • Second Place Instrumental:  Brendan Shirk, Oboe
  • Third Place Instrumental:  Kelsey Payne, Violin

Free Lance-Star Article: Students compete to be the best “Young Artists”

Previous Winners

2016: First Place Instrumentalist—Melissa Snell
First Place Vocalist—Trevor White
Second Place—Philip Lambert
Third Place—Connor Skelly
2015: First Place Instrumentalist—Riana Chan
First Place Vocalist—Sophie Horn
Second Place—Philip Lambert
Third Place—Brendan Shirk
2014: First Place Instrumentalist—Luke Payne, cello
First Place Vocalist—Zoe Woodaman, soprano
Second Place—Brendan Shirk, oboe
Third Place—Andrew Liang, violin
2013: First Place Instrumentalist—Amy Wood, pianist
First Place Vocalist—Megan Walton, soprano
Second Place—Luke Payne, cellist
Third Place—Analisa Wall, soprano
2012: First Place Instrumentalist—Andrew Liang, pianist
First Place Vocalist—Jamie Hauber, soprano
Second Place—Chris Yang, pianist
Third Place—Luke Gray, violinist
2011: First Place Instrumentalist—Mark Turner, pianist
First Place Vocalist—Cherie Wehle, soprano
Second Place—Bethany Thompson, violinist
Third Place—Nicole Joshi, marimbaist
2010: First Place Instrumentalist—Jessica Stewart, flutist
First Place Vocalist—Hope Strayer, soprano
Second Place—Nathan Black, cellist
Third Place—Andrew Liang, pianist
2009: First Place—Ryan Feng, pianist
Second Place—John Callahan, pianist
Third Place—Christian Aldridge, violinist
2008: First Place—Chuhern Hwang, pianist
Second Place—Ryan Feng, pianist
Third Place—Christian Aldridge
2007: First Place—AnnaMarie Ignarro, clarinetist
Second Place—Dan Knowlton, marimbaist
Third Place—Chuhern Hwang, pianist
2006: First Place—Kana Zink, pianist
Second Place—Zachary Sanders, violinist
Third Place—Michael Konieczny, pianist
2005: First Place—Ahmed-Mehdi Najm, flutist
Second Place—Thomas Carr, pianist
Third Place—Devon Newburn, pianist
2004: First Place—Michael Konieczny, pianist
Second Place—Andrew McEvoy, guitarist
Third Place—Thomas Carr, pianist

Previous Finalists